The Finnish Bookworm
history teacher: every revolution-
me: ..begins with a spark
teacher: what
me: what

“The main thing I feel is a sense of relief. That I can give up this game. That the question of whether I can succeed in this venture has been answered, even if that answer is a resounding no. That if desperate times call for desperate measures, I am free to act as desperately as I want.”

Catching fire; color palette. (x

The Hunger Games; colour palettes (inspiration)

Alison Hendrix in Nature Under Constraint and Vexed


STOP. This is the police, you’re under arrest for being too cute. Now, put your hands where I can hold them.


Cause of Death: Orphan Black Premiere

If you’re a Fangirl and you know it clap your hands




if you look closely you may be able to identify the exact moment the ob s2 premiere happened

Studies show you are correct.

Happy Easter! 

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